Monday, February 1, 2010

Over budget!

The original $5000 budget has been exceeded. Don't get too worried though ... I already purchased almost everything I need to complete the hull. But I still need to buy sails, rope, some of the hardware and outfitting (life jackets, etc). I'm increasing the budget to $6500 to cover the costs of these items.

Remember, this budget includes EVERYTHING I need to get out on the water, not just an empty hull. I estimate that this boat design could be build anywhere from $2000-8000, depending on the quality of materials chosen. However, I think a more reasonable price range would be more like $4000-$7000 for the boat, trailer, and everything except an outboard motor.

I've chosen fairly high quality materials. I figure that I'm investing so much time building, that spending money on quality materials makes sense. The quality materials make a boat that lasts longer, performs better and is easier and cheaper to maintain. This boat will easily outlive me with just minimal maintenance (painting, minor repairs, etc). However, a $2000 "home depot special" boat would be in poor shape after just a few years. It's not even worth the time to build this cheaply in my opinion. If my budget was $2000, I would have just bought a used fiberglass boat and fixed it up. (If you are not interested in the boat building hobby and just interested in getting the best sailboat for your money, this is the way to go).

The main budget buster for me so far was the trailer ... I thought I could get something decent for $200 or so. Nope, it cost me more like $700+ to make a nice trailer that will safely transport my boat. Money well spent I suppose. Sometimes you forget that the boat travels more on land than on water ... a good trailer is important.

When I get closer to completion, I'll post a pie chart or something showing how much I spent on each category ... (wood, glue, fasteners, paint, sails, hardware, trailer, outfitting etc). Right now it's difficult to list all the things that I have or haven't bought yet.